Best Rune Set for Beginners in 2023

Having a good rune set for beginners is very important. If you read some of the horror stories and negative reviews on some sets you will see things like it contains too many of one rune, and none of another. Or you might find blank runes where the book you have does not list blanks. Or worse, you might find that the book you have and the runes you have don’t match at all.

There is nothing more frustrating than having instructions that don’t match the objects you have in your hand. Just think back to putting together that cheap furniture that came in that non descriptive cardboard box you got on sale at the local department store. Yeah, that was fun wasn’t it?

That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on your first rune set, but you might do well to stay away from the very bottom of the line from sellers no one has ever heard of. Let’s take a look at some excellent sets to start with.

Best Rune Set for Beginners Recommendations

The Book of Runes
The Book of Runes $19

My first recommendation is actually a rune set with book, The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum is probably the best place to start.

This is one of the classics in understanding runes and it shows. The book is reasonably short at about 160 pages and it is clear that the author has been teaching using runes for a long time (since 1977 I believe). The rune set that comes with the book are simple black symbols on white plastic, thin and easy to read. While not overly nice, they are absolutely usable and match the book exactly. You don’t need or want anything fancy while you are just starting out. It also includes a little pouch to keep your runes in so they don’t wind up in the couch cushions.

While the meanings Blum attributes to the symbols are not as historically accurate as some people would like, they are based on his years of research as a cultural anthropologist. So while the meanings may not be the same as some historians think, they are in my opinion very on point with the spirit of runes.

More people I know learned how to use runes through this set than any other method.



Raven Blackwood Runes Kit
Raven Blackwood Runes Kit $37

Another popular beginner rune kit is the Raven Blackwood Runes Kit which also includes a book and some simple, easy to read runes. The well written 144 page book that comes with the 25 runes have information on not only what each rune stands for, but how to cast and read them.

Runes Kit: The Gods' Magical Alphabet
Runes Kit: The Gods’ Magical Alphabet $30

Another kit you might consider is the Runes Kit: The Gods’ Magical Alphabet by Lo Scarabeo. This set includes 25 runes, a 144 page book and a bag for the runes. The wood used to make these runes has a nice feel on the face but is a little on the rough side. Some people like the rough feel but I tend to prefer something a bit smoother. That is, of course, purely a personal thing.
One note on rune sets with books: Both of the sets with a book have their detractors. Then again, there really is no one “right” way to use runes so I tend to make recommendations more on what gets you going rather than one person’s idea of “correctness”. The books will help you learn the rune symbols and meanings, and get you used to doing readings. Learn to use them, then as you get more advanced pick out what works best for you and follow those ideas. You can always expand by buying a different book or different runes later on down the line.

Bone Rune Stone Set
Bone Rune Stone Set $13

If you are just starting out, want something cheap, and do not need the book then this Bone Rune Stone Set by Hecate Moon is a simple, easy to read set. Simple, flat, and easy to read makes this an excellent choice for the novice.

The 25 1/2″ by 3/4″ runes come in a simple storage pouch and should last years.

mookaitedecor Rune Stones Set
mookaitedecor Rune Stones Set $18

If you want something a little nicer looking, look no further than the mookaitedecor Rune Stones Set. Although these come in a variety of styles I suggest the obsidian as shown above for a starter set. To learn with, the best stones for runes are ones with high contrast that are easy to read will be much more comfortable for the beginner and you can always upgrade to a different style later as you gain experience.


I hope this article helps you find the perfect rune set for your needs!


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